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Vodka Tonic


Vodka Tonic also probably originated in 19th-century India, which belonged to the British Empire at the time, whose officers received a certain daily dose of gin and additionally quinine water. By combining these, the initial form of Gin Tonic and Vodka Tonic was born. The word vodka appeared in the Russian language in the 17th century. It is derived from the word voda, water. Modern vodka developed in the 1880s, when distillation equipment developed and cleaner and higher quality alcohol could be produced. In the 1950s, as the popularity of cocktails grew, vodka also became known worldwide.


  • Runsaasti jäitä

  • 4 cl suolan ja pippurin makuista vodkaa

  • 12 cl Tonicia

  • Rosmariinia


Vaihe 1

Täytä On the rocks tai highball lasi yli puolivälin jäillä. Kaada vodka ja tonic lasiin. Suosittelemme testaamaan Fever Tree: Mediterranean tai Elderflower tonic wateria.

Vaihe 2

Sekoita kevyesti baarilusikalla.

Vaihe 3

Koristele rosmariinin oksalla.

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