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The new distillery sets out to develop Finnish drinking culture

21/11/2022 at 10:00 | KOTO Spirits Oy

KOTO Spirits is a new distillery in Lempäälä, whose main idea is to create new interesting alcoholic beverages as part of cocktails and to inspire people to a shared tasting culture. The three cousins' passion for whiskey and high-quality cocktails made their dream of owning a distillery come true when they got back together after their childhood years.


KOTO Spirits was founded in spring 2022 by three cousins. Each of the cousins had in one way or another been involved in the production of alcohol or its marketing. The passion for good taste experiences enjoyed in good company made them put their thoughts together and found their own distillery. The distillery promises to bring people better domestic alternatives in the future, e.g. as cocktail ingredients.

- In the Finnish drinking culture, quality and different taste experiences are valued more and more, which is more strongly reflected in beer and wine choices. We also think that when choosing spirits, e.g. cocktails, more attention should be paid to the quality and taste profile of the products. As a small brewery, we can create modern, aromatic and unique products that raise the drinking experience to a new level alongside the traditional big alcohol manufacturers.

The stories behind everything

The name KOTO comes from the story Lintukoto, which tells about the world beyond the horizon. Koto can mean home or that dream world, which involves the idea of flying there with strong wings. KOTO is a story about a peaceful world beyond the horizon and its happy people without worries. KOTO creates products that are wanted for joint parties and moments of self-indulgence. Cohesion, being together and celebrating different things are things that KOTO products represent. Each product has its own background story that has inspired the development of the drink. Stories based on fables and beliefs can offer people a grip on history and their own culture.

Creating a better spirit. Together.




Crane – King of the birds. Straight and observant bird brings us the flavors of its migration journey, far away from the spicy south. During the crane's watch shift on a Finnish summer night, it mixes in fresh Finnish forest aromas.



Swallow - Bird of good fortune.

This cheerful bird is defending homes and bringing balance and simplicity like the basic spices of home. This duo complements and emphasizes each other’s personalities.

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