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KOTO Dark barrel


HOME to the world of KOTO Dark

For a unique whiskey experience full of taste experiences and tradition. KOTO Dark is not just whisky, it is a story born from love for whiskey making and Finnish heritage. Check out the information below and get your own barrel share before the opportunity disappears!


KOTO Single Malt is made from high-quality barley malt, which gives it a soft and multidimensional taste. The whiskey is matured for at least 3 years in New American Oak barrels. This time gives the whiskey that deep and rich flavor that makes it especially enjoyable.


Barrel parts:

Now you have the opportunity to be part of the story of KOTO Single Malt whiskey by acquiring your own share in the content of the barrel. Each share corresponds to 6 ready-made 500 ml bottles, which are delivered to you in stylish gift boxes. This way you can enjoy the whiskey yourself and share it with your friends.


The purchase price of one bottle in the barrel section is €50, which covers the purchase right to the bottle. In addition to this, you have to pay the fees, bottling, packaging and freight that go to Alko after the whiskey is finished, which are around €50 per bottle. The total price for the entire order is approx€600/share.


Your Whiskey - Your Story:

KOTO Single Malt is not just a drink, it is an opportunity to be part of the tradition of whiskey making and to create your own story. Buy a barrel share and experience how the whiskey matures and develops over time. Give your friends a unique taste experience, made with love and by hand.


Make a decision now and join the KOTO Dark family. Welcome to this taste journey that combines tradition and passion for whiskey making. Order your own barrel share and own a piece of Finnish whiskey tradition!

KOTO Dark in glass

Dark Tasting:

When you get your own barrel share of KOTO Single Malt whiskey, you also get an exclusive opportunity to participate in the annual tasting event. This event is a unique opportunity to experience the journey of whiskey maturation up close. You get to taste the development of whiskey and enjoy its many nuances.


Tasting is an event that unites whiskey lovers and offers an opportunity to share experiences of whiskey production and its taste. It's also a great opportunity to meet other whiskey enthusiasts and exchange ideas.


By joining the KOTO Dark family, you get these unique benefits that make enjoying whiskey even more rewarding. Order your barrel share today and get ready to taste the magic of whiskey maturation at our annual tasting events.



Master Distiller

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